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Posted on 2007.03.14 at 13:19
hi! remember me?

i'm still here in france, but not for long. i'm coming to hburg on may 10, only to leave for mexico on the 19th. syl and mike have decided that it's much more practical for me to know spanish than french. and they're paying, so i agree with any decisions they want to make such as that one.

spring break is in three weeks; andrew and i are going to strasbourg, prague, budapest, and vienna. expensive isn't even the word for it. we'll be sleeping on trains for three nights. uncomfortable isn't even the word for it. we're going to see everything and anything! thrilled isn't even the word for it.

sometimes i still go im in france a3iu4oiqwejrlajsdlfjalkdjflj2pq1u294iuorshfzljclvjzldjfljjaldjlasjlaj! but it's alllll drawing to a close; the humidity awaits me, lurking. i know it.

bbq when i get back?

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Posted on 2006.12.08 at 16:02
umm. we all know the subject:


i was thrown a finger food party. in france. can it even get more quirky movie scene than that?

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Posted on 2006.12.05 at 10:37
christmas-- 21 days
birthday-- 3 days
barcelona--11 days
paris-- 16 days

1. i am not in a relationship with a german in real life. facebook does not = real life.

2. miss everybody.

3. sorry about no emails.

4. french cleaning ladies dump water on the floor and push it around thinking that's mopping.

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Posted on 2006.11.08 at 12:33
new email address--


my olemiss over here doesnt seem to be getting emails.

c'est tout!

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Posted on 2006.10.11 at 13:36
<3 <3 <3s to everyone at home.

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Posted on 2006.10.06 at 11:30
i'm really tired of people complaining how much work they have to do at home...

here, life is hard. i go to class for three hours a day, and then the rest of my time i spend drinking at the cafe, going out, or sleeping. i have at least two worksheets to complete each night, and the little homework i have over the weekend really interferes with my ability to travel to new exciting places.


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Posted on 2006.10.04 at 14:58
just in case anyone REALLY wanted to send me a package but couldnt remember my address...........it's

Residence Berlioz
361 Allée Berlioz-- Room 3119
38406 St. Martin D'Heres Cedex

things i would just LOVE to receive in the mail in case anyone is interested:

cayenne pepper
halloween socks
a letter
bootleg copy of photoshop for mac
peanut butter crackers
ground coffee
halloween candy
spanish grammar book

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Posted on 2006.09.25 at 11:11
i think i'm going to have to buy a coffee maker because two teaspoons of coffee just doesn't do it for me.

places i want to visit:


where else? i need suggestions-- does anywhere know where there are good hostels, good things to see, cheap plane tickets, etc.


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ohhhh geeez am i in another country...

Posted on 2006.09.18 at 16:01
so after my french test this morning, we get a break and i go to the bathroom...

and there are not one, but THREE of those scary squatty-no-real-toilet-existing sort of pee/poop holes.

shockingly, no one was using them. why would the french fucking spend money on those?? ohh la la... c'est les francais.

the french also do not like toilet seats. maybe it's the extra effort it takes to clean them in addition to the toilet bowl itself.

My address, so everyone can send me calligraphic letters laced with delicate perfumes:::::::::::

Hector Berlioz, Residence Universitaires
361 Allee Berlioz
38406 St. Martin D'Heres Cedex
Room 3119

(youve got to put the room-- if you send anything, which you wont, because everyone has abandoned emailing already, and ive been here three weeks....)

andrew, call me??

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Posted on 2006.09.14 at 11:56
i made friends. with spanish girls, brazilian boys, and other people. from france? and other places. i dunno. we all speak french horribly together. oh la la.

i'm trying to find a way to recharge my batteries for my camera. i need a power converter, but i dont have one, and hell no if im supposed to buy a recharger here. they're really expensive, like fifty euros.

i am hungry. i think i'm going to find something in my teeny tiny fridge to mange.

i was experimenting with my webcam in my computer, and no, not like strip tease experiment, but it takes all sort of weird photos. go to facebook for a good example. talk about a blow to the ego.

i'm thinking and missing everybody. comme d'habitude. i always love to get emails. hint hint. whitneylucasrachaeleverybody.

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